Monthly Archives: April 2014

My new ebook: How to bring your abstract art to life

After a long winter’s work, I have finished writing an ebook that I think will help many artists to get their bearings in abstract painting.

It’s called How to Bring Your Abstract Art to Life, A Manifesto of freedom and confidence for the creative soul.

ebook: How to Bring Your Abstract Art to Life

Here’s how I describe it: “In its 33 eye-opening pages, you will learn abstract painting in a new way.” It won’t derail you from your current way of painting. Instead, it will change the way you see your paintings, so that you have a way to move forward to make them better.

The book is free. Sign up for it on my new website. (More about my new site in the next blog post.)

Enjoy! And, please let me know what the ebook does for you.