Monthly Archives: June 2014

Farewell to dear friends and Indiana, Pennsylvania

With our house finally sold, out went the days of houseshowing interruptus, and in came the massive task of packing and strategizing.

Packing up artwork

Before we left, we got to enjoy one more family trip to Northern Wisconsin.



My grand-niece Macy painted my nails abstract.


I am fortunate to have made many amazing friends among the artists of Indiana, PA, and was sad to say goodbye. The Indiana Art Association threw me a wonderful farewell party.


with an “abstract cake” in my honor.

Abstract Cake

In turn, I brought all of my not-so-great canvases that I didn’t want to cart across the country and gave them to friends who wanted them. Here they are, all laid out on the floor of the Artists Hand Gallery.


A sendoff with love!