Monthly Archives: July 2014

Cross-country transition

We put in bid on a foreclosure home in Lake Montezuma, Arizona (20 miles south of Sedona), and set off across the country waiting to hear.

So did our movers!

Kirby and Sapphire were wary of the changes. Sapphire had to learn to use a kitty litter for the first time.


Having longed to live in the southwest again after 28 years, I asked my daughter to take a photo of me crossing the “threshold” to the West, my new home.


We found a place to stay until finally we were able to inspect our home and the contract came through. Here is my husband Chip (with hat) on the roof with the inspector, our ocotillo blooming in front.


In the meantime we explored our new “back yard,” the gorgeous Oak Creek Canyon and Red Rock State Park.