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Local Color

Our new home lies among the ruins of the Sinagua Indians, a name given to the ancestors of the Hopi (and other tribes) who thrived in the Verde River Valley from 1100-1250 A.D. We live near three national monuments…and one lesser known landmark:

Here is Montezuma Well, just two miles from our home. The well is a seemingly endless source of fresh water in the desert: 1,500,000 gallons per day has been coming out of this limestone sinkhole spring for thousands of years. The Sinagua lived in the dwellings you can see in the rock face. Our drinking water comes from this well, and while it tastes pretty bad, I like knowing it will always be there.


Montezuma Castle is another ancient Sinagua dwelling 11 miles south.


Tuzigoot National Monument is about 20 miles northwest, in Clarkdale.



All pictures are by me, except this one of me, which was taken by my daughter Amber Engelmann

More importantly, one must not overlook the lesser-known tourist attraction pictured below, which greets any visitor to our exit off the freeway between Phoenix and Flagstaff. As you can see by the sign — and especially important to an artist like me — a home for fine art is right in my neighborhood!

And honestly, tell me. Are you greeted by an alien every time you drive home?


Um, don’t answer that.