A time of change

It seems I’m often a year ahead of myself. Major changes that I can taste, touch, and smell in my imagination seem to happen one year later than I think I’m ready.

Well, I’m ready! Our beautiful house, on the market for a year, has finally found its buyer. Our moving date is July 14. Now we just have to find a new home! I’ll be heading to the area of Sedona, Arizona to do just that in early June.

Exciting times! I am so ready for this change. I absolutely love our home and our town of Indiana, Pennsylvania, along with the Indiana Art Association, the Indiana Players, and all of our dear friends. But my family moved a lot when I was a kid. I’ve lived in this town longer than anywhere else in my life, and my kids have never lived anywhere else.

I have always found a major move to mark a boundary line between segments of huge personal growth. And that is what I know I am walking into, with glee!

I won’t divulge all of the fantastic plans going on in my imagination (because, after all, they will probably take a year longer than I think, anyway!), but Southwest, here I come!


I took these photos from the airplane on my trip to Arizona in September 2013. It’s probably Colorado down there!

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