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What I learned from the young ones

In May I had the intense experience of a month-long residency teaching abstract painting to K-12th graders in a therapeutic school setting.

I’ve taught Abstract Acrylic Painting dozens of times over the past nine years, refining my methods each time to better help students avoid pitfalls and quickly reach a level of comfort and freedom of expression through their materials.

Teaching a workshop at the East Suburban Artists League, Murrysville, PA, April 13, 2013.

Little did I know the kids would change my game forever. They showed me that the steps I was teaching could be collapsed even further, which has led me to develop a new course called From Beautiful Mess to Strong Composition. I will be teaching this workshop several times in July and August, and then developing it into an online course. To keep informed, sign up for my free Beauty & Spirit Note from the studio.

Student working

Residency final exhibit, May 30, 2013

Residency final exhibit, May 30, 2013


Finding My Voice: A Dance to my art

The most moving part (pardon the pun) of my artist reception at my SAMA exhibit was a modern dance choreographed by Jennifer Park to express the spirit of my artworks–in particular, Finding My Voice. Perhaps Jennifer is to dance what I am to painting, because for some reason we have this amazing creative connection.

Jennifer (from Altoona, PA) and her daughter Heather Park, along with Tango dancer Sean Cosgrove from Pittsburgh (who explained to me the fascinating interactive responsiveness of Tango), together created a mood like a blessing in the exhibit space.

You can enjoy the dance through a video that my husband and I put together. What you will see at the 10 minute mark is the audience joining in the dance in the most loving, heavenly, spinning way. It was an awesome experience I will never forget.


Finding My Voice: A Dance to Art



Special thanks to composer Bruce Mitchell for his gorgeous music.

Here is the stunning cover photo that Heather Stone Russell created to express this experience.


Wonderful artist reception at SAMA

My closing reception at Julie Bernstein Engelmann: Being Spirit was truly a beautiful celebration. Held April 13, 2013, at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Altoona, PA, I was honored by having so many dear friends travel over an hour to be there.

Click here to take a photo tour of my exhibit.

Me with my wonderful sister Minda, who came from Montreal to celebrate with us. She took many of these pictures and some of the video that will appear in my next post.

Dear friends Bob & Vera Bonnet. Bob helped videotape the beautiful video I'll put in the next blog post.

Me with dear friends Bob & Vera Bonnet. Bob shot some of the videotape.  Below are dancers Jennifer Park (blond), Heather Park, and Sean Cosgrove. See next blog post for their amazing dance!

Talk about Being Spirit

What a wonderful turnout and enthusiastic audience for my Lunch a l’Art talk for my Being Spirit exhibit at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Altoona, PA. Here are some photos and snippets from my talk on March 13, 2013.

“I found that latex and acrylic complemented one another. The color range was vast, and the variations of fluidity were exciting. I could make what I call a beautiful mess to start with, and then go in with my brushwork and give form to the painting, and add things to create — well, I never know what!

“I pick up on the stories in the paint, and I start adding depth, and make it into shapes, and the vibrations start to come into tune. As some parts come into tune, the other parts–it becomes apparent what needs to happen. And by the time I’ve worked it through, there comes a moment when the entire painting jumps into 3D, like a hologram.”

“I began to take pieces out of my journal and use them for starting points on my paintings. You can see, some of the titles are kind of long and unusual, and I think that they’re fun, because sometimes they’re even a spiritual exercise of their own.

“But once I started working with these ideas, so they were more personal, it became much easier for my intuition to kick in. And I began realizing that I was actually working with the paint as a co-creator, that the paint had a consciousness about it. I began realizing that I wasn’t alone in what I was doing. And it was a huge revelation. I can’t tell you how this turned the corner for me.”

One more special event will take place before my exhibit closes on April 20, and that is my Artist’s Reception on April 13. Guess what! A choreographer who came to my talk got inspired to create a dance, and will be performing it, along with some other dancers, at my reception!

Here is the description:

“Finding My Voice” is a modern dance choreographed by Jennifer Park, based on an exploration of Julie Bernstein Engelmann’s creative life as it transfers from canvas to dancers. Inspired by many of the stories behind Julie’s abstract paintings, the dancers frame the works through movement, stillness, voice, reflection, and energy. Witness as the dancers communicate from painting to body back to painting… and eventually to you. We hope you will feel inspired to join in!

Please click to Exhibit and Event Info for all the details and to RSVP. I hope to see you there!

Blue Monday event at my SAMA show

What a lovely evening at the Blue Monday event for my show, Julie Bernstein Engelmann: Being Spirit, at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in Altoona, Pennsylvania. The event was Monday, Feb. 11, and my show is up through April 20, 2013.

Here is the museum.

That’s my reflection on the left, taking the picture.

Here is the upper hallway, with flowers sent by loved ones.

Here is the main gallery, showing part of the fabulous spread of food.

Yes, gotta get up close on those lilies!

Here is the fun bluegrass band, Mountain City Grass, that played all evening.

And some of the people enjoying the band.

Here I am being introduced.

Here is my husband Chip and friend at the end of the evening. Notice the beautiful lettering on the window at left!

Next event: Lunch a l’Art, where you can munch among the paintings and listen to me talk about my art, Wednesday, March 13. Click here for exhibit and event details.

My Museum Show is Open!

I had a great follow-up trip to Arizona in December. Incredibly, I was able to get into another fabulous Arizona gallery, this one in Sedona. I’ll give you details when my first artworks are on display there.

When I got back to Pennsylvania, I had just enough time in the studio to create the final, large diptych for my SAMA show.

It’s called, “No One Else Knows Better,” 48″H x 72″W.

Soon the truck came to pick up my 39 pieces. I can’t tell you how great that feeling is!

Here I am in the truck, beaming, with Scott Dimond, Curator for Visual Arts for the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art.


The show, called “Julie Bernstein Engelmann: Being Spirit,” is now open to the public at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Altoona, Pennsylvania, through April 20, 2013. Here are a couple of shots.

Site Coordinator Barbara Jo Hollander did a beautiful job of hanging the show. It is sort of like swimming through a sea of vibration that keeps changing.

Here is Barbara with artist Steve Gilbert of Altoona, who coincidentally, is the only other artist I know in western Pennsylvania who, like me, studied with abstract expressionist Milton Resnick in New York City around 1980.

There will be two colorful public events for the show. One is Blue Monday, with the popular bluegrass music of Mountain City Grass. Totally by chance, it turns out that my fellow ArtsPath artist-in-residence Tom McCarty is in that band. This event, reputed to be raucous fun, costs $20 and will be held on Feb. 11, from 6PM-8PM.

The other, quieter event is Lunch a l’Art, where you get to munch at tables among the paintings and then listen to me tell stories about my artwork for about 15 minutes. That will be held Wed., March 13 at noon, and costs $13.

Find all details about the show and events, along with more pictures, here.
Oh yes, two pieces sold before the official opening!

I hope you will find a chance to see the show. If so, let me know what you think!