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Gallery 527 Jerome

My sister Beth is fearless — especially when it comes to promoting my artwork. I took a picture of her here in the artist colony of Jerome, which she cheerfully describes as “cutesy.”


Jerome, Arizona, is a former copper mining town built into the side of the Mingus Mountains. Its only main street switchbacks up the mountain, revealing one spectacular view after another, mixed with colorful galleries and tourist shops, mixed with the ruins of the ghost mining town it is built upon.


So, there we are eating a delicious lunch and perusing art galleries. Next thing I know, Beth has made a connection to get my art into Gallery 527, my favorite one.

With an intriguing range of high quality local art, the gallery has been around for ten years — which says a lot. Within a couple of weeks my work was beautifully installed.


All photographs are by me except this one by Ken Chesler, co-owner of Gallery 527 with his wife, Donna

Soon I attended my first Artwalk.


There, I was interviewed by a local photojournalist. Within a few days a large color picture of my artwork and me appeared on the front page of the Cottonwood Journal Extra.

Everyone needs a sister like Beth.

Check out my page on the Gallery 527 website. It gives the poems behind four of my paintings!


Faerie Queen in Recent Acquisitions exhibit at SAMA

A year ago, my solo show, “Being Spirit,” was featured at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in Altoona, Pennsylvania. At that time, the museum acquired my painting, “Flight of the Faerie Queen.” Now the painting is on view at the museum’s current exhibit in their Loretto, Pennsylvania location, titled Arriving in Style: Recent Acquisitions of the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art.

According to the museum’s web announcement, “The exhibition, on view April 25 through June 14, features seventy-six paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture by artists of regional and national stature.”

"Flight of the Faerie Queen" on exhibit in "Arriving in Style: Recent Acquisitions of the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art." Photo by V. Scott Dimond

“Flight of the Faerie Queen” on exhibit in “Arriving in Style: Recent Acquisitions of the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art.” Photo by V. Scott Dimond

“Flight of the Faerie Queen,” by Julie Bernstein Engelmann. Acrylic, latex, charcoal on unprimed canvas; 66″H x 42″W; 2009. Collection of the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, Loretto, PA

“Flight of the Faerie Queen,” by Julie Bernstein Engelmann. Acrylic, latex, charcoal on unprimed canvas; 66″H x 42″W; 2009. Collection of the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, Loretto, PA

If you’re in the area of Loretto, PA, home of St. Francis University, stop by! See SAMA’s page for more information, hours, map and directions.

My painting in the Greater Latrobe School District Special Collection

While I was at the Center for Creativity at the Greater Latrobe High School (Latrobe, PA) doing the Third Grade Art Symposium (see last post), I took the opportunity to wander the halls and view their famous art collection.

This student-selected, student+community purchased collection has been acquiring artworks almost every year since it was founded in 1936. The collection has been an inspiration to many other school districts, including the Derry Area School District that purchased my painting last November.

Walking the halls, you can’t help being awed by the presence of the artworks (which are, by the way, protected by plexiglass). The noise level when the students are pouring out of classrooms seems much lower than in other schools.

Eventually I found my way to my own painting, Restart, which was acquired by the collection in 2006. This purchase was actually a key event for me, as I explain in My Art Story:

My turning point as an abstract artist came in 2006, when I won a Purchase Award from the Greater Latrobe School District Special Collection, which is selected by the students. I was aware that people loved my abstracts as much as my landscapes, but this was a wake-up call. Not only did real, regular high-school kids pick my abstract painting over my realistic ones, but this was the first abstract painting they had picked for their collection since the 1960s. In the meantime, I had discovered how to create space in abstract paintings. I finally decided to throw myself behind my belief that abstract painting is my gift. Mine are the abstracts that don’t need theories to explain themselves to people’s hearts. 

Here is my painting in the hallway, after hours.

My painting in the hallway of the Greater Latrobe High School

My painting in the hallway of the Greater Latrobe High School


“Restart,” by Julie Bernstein Engelmann, acrylic on canvas, 24″H x 18″W, acquired 2006 by Greater Latrobe School District Special Collection.

As Barbara H. Nakles says in her introduction to A Unique Vision of Art, The Special Collection of the Greater Latrobe School District, second edition (2008), “The collection is…one of the finest collections of 20th and 21st century regional art on permanent display.”

Her book includes all the artworks in the collection purchased through 2007. My painting can be found on page 191. I love that!

Freedom from wondering if I did something wrong

My painting, Freedom From Wondering If I Did Something Wrong, won Best of Show in the 10th Indiana County Open Arts Exhibit, Nov. 22, 2013-Jan. 11, 2014, at the Indiana County Historical Museum in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Click here to see the Indiana Gazette announcement and photo of my painting being judged by sculptor Norman Ed, from Johnstown, PA.

What I get a giggle out of, though, is thinking about all the people who read my painting title in the newspaper and had just that one little moment when they pictured what it meant to have freedom from wondering if they did something wrong.

Who is this infinite being?

I had gotten a couple boxes of 20″x24″ canvases to make paintings that I could bring on an airplane. It was freeing to have so many canvases to experiment on, do demos, and, in a way, use them as sketchbook pages.

Here’s one that made it into the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Juried Group Art Exhibition, Nov. 15, 2013-Jan. 11, 2014 at The FrameHouse Gallery in Ice House Studios, Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, PA.

Who Is This Infinite Being

Who Is This Infinite Being, by Julie Bernstein Engelmann, 20″H x 24″W, Latex and acrylic on canvas, 2013

This was a case of it takes a community to name a painting. I started out with the title, “Am I really still with this man?”

Have you ever looked in awe at your spouse like: who is this person? How odd that after all this time–I’m changing every day, he’s changing every day–we are still together as if it is the same relationship? How is it possible that two beings could evolve so dramatically, in two different minds and world views, yet still enjoy each other, pretend to know each other, work around each other’s life plans, and laugh often? It is beautiful and weird.

So I used that title for the demo painting I did in my residency at IUP. (I’ll write about the residency next.) While my fellow teachers were nodding their heads, I think it alarmed the students, who still had their tender lives ahead of them and might not have felt comfortable attaining this extraneous piece of wisdom from their elders.

So I changed the title to, “Am I really still here?” and posted it on my Facebook page to ask whether this new title still sounded negative (which was the opposite of my intention). It came back with a lot of nodding and suggestions for positive ways to convey my meaning.

Thanks to all the good ideas and some playing around with them, I came up with the right title that suits my painting perfectly: “Who Is This Infinite Being?” Ahh.


A home for art in Indiana, PA

Here is our beautiful, one-year-old art center, The Artists Hand Gallery, on the main street of my town, Indiana, PA.




You can probably pick out my two colorful abstracts in the gallery shot. (One of them won First Place in this show — see my June blog post.)

But I’ll bet you didn’t guess that the vertical painting in the coffee shop shot — the one in muted colors closest to us — is also mine. It’s a painting from 2006 called “Promontory.”

In the back of The Artists Hand is a studio that is home to the Indiana Art Association. I have held many abstract painting workshops there, with one more coming up next week.

In Flow and Ease

My recent painting, In Flow and Ease, won the First Place Professional award at the Indiana Art Association Spring Show, Indiana, PA, June 7, 2013.

In Flow and Ease, by Julie Bernstein Engelmann, Acrylic and latex on unprimed canvas, 24"Hx18"W

In Flow and Ease, by Julie Bernstein Engelmann, Acrylic and latex on unprimed canvas, 24″H x 18″W

I used this same painting to create a sheet of flowy stationery that I’m offering as a gift for people to download and print who sign up for my free Beauty & Spirit Note from the studio. If you’re already signed up, I’ll include a link in upcoming newsletters.

Free In Flow and Ease stationery to download and print

Free In Flow and Ease stationery to download and print

In other news…I gave a talk on Abstract Art–my principles and stories — at the Greensburg Art Center, Greensburg, PA, May 13, 2013.

Greensburg Art Center, Greensburg, PA, May 13, 2013

Finding My Voice: A Dance to my art

The most moving part (pardon the pun) of my artist reception at my SAMA exhibit was a modern dance choreographed by Jennifer Park to express the spirit of my artworks–in particular, Finding My Voice. Perhaps Jennifer is to dance what I am to painting, because for some reason we have this amazing creative connection.

Jennifer (from Altoona, PA) and her daughter Heather Park, along with Tango dancer Sean Cosgrove from Pittsburgh (who explained to me the fascinating interactive responsiveness of Tango), together created a mood like a blessing in the exhibit space.

You can enjoy the dance through a video that my husband and I put together. What you will see at the 10 minute mark is the audience joining in the dance in the most loving, heavenly, spinning way. It was an awesome experience I will never forget.


Finding My Voice: A Dance to Art



Special thanks to composer Bruce Mitchell for his gorgeous music.

Here is the stunning cover photo that Heather Stone Russell created to express this experience.


Wonderful artist reception at SAMA

My closing reception at Julie Bernstein Engelmann: Being Spirit was truly a beautiful celebration. Held April 13, 2013, at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Altoona, PA, I was honored by having so many dear friends travel over an hour to be there.

Click here to take a photo tour of my exhibit.

Me with my wonderful sister Minda, who came from Montreal to celebrate with us. She took many of these pictures and some of the video that will appear in my next post.

Dear friends Bob & Vera Bonnet. Bob helped videotape the beautiful video I'll put in the next blog post.

Me with dear friends Bob & Vera Bonnet. Bob shot some of the videotape.  Below are dancers Jennifer Park (blond), Heather Park, and Sean Cosgrove. See next blog post for their amazing dance!