From Beautiful Mess to Strong Composition

I held my first experimental workshop with my new approach to teaching abstract painting, called From Beautiful Mess to Strong Composition, at the Indiana Art Association, Indiana, PA, June 25 & 29, 2013. Here was my description:

Once a year I bring out the latex and let others have at! This class is a little different from the ones I have previously taught, because we will skip the first layer of the painting and jump right into making a beautiful mess. Tuesday evening will be beautiful-mess-making time in acrylic and poured latex. By Saturday our paintings will be dry and we can focus on finding the stories in the paint, removing the parts that distract, and enhancing the delight and composition of our paintings. By discussing as a group, each student may accrue more wisdom than in a 1:1 critique. Newcomers are welcome!

With a full class and a waiting list, it was a very fun time and I will be running it again at the Indiana Art Association on July 8 & 14, 2013. Here are some photos.




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