Heart-filled group

What a lovely class I had in March, three heart-filled, outflowing artists from the Phoenix area and one from Sedona. Too bad I didn’t take a picture of them, but here are their fascinating artworks.

Acrylic on paper paintings by Julie Chrismer, Perri Skolnick, Mary Ann Turney, Ellen Shell

A kind of self-report card I use for my teaching is, how different are the artworks that my students create in class? The more different they are, the more successful I feel I have been in bringing out the uniqueness of the artist.


2 thoughts on “Heart-filled group

  1. Julieann

    Love your classes…and what your students have produced!!!
    I am still stuck in a lazy mode!!! I could use a class to get me going! There are some coming up here in June!
    Something good that the IAA is doing is using our wall in the gallery to display one person’s work at a time!
    So I signed up for Nov.-Jan. It’s sort of like a mini show!
    I think I will display all my flower paintings! Even though some are large! They do work well together! I have six+

    1. Julie Post author

      Great to hear from you, Julieann! How wonderful that IAA is doing the solo shows, and even better that you got the holiday quarter!! Make a postcard to invite your friends. Your flowers will be perfect. I would love to have you in class – maybe next time you come to AZ let’s try to coordinate the timing!