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Dear Artist,

You know you must do art. The urge to express is written deeply within your heart and soul. You've seen abstract paintings that thrill and inspire you. "I want some of THAT," your heart announces.

When you try painting abstract, you taste a burst of freedom and triumph that lifts your soul!

But are you left wondering, "Is this good art? Could it be improved? Is there more?"

Your friends say, "Hey, that's great!" or "I don't get it," but this is as far as the conversation goes. They really don't understand the language you are trying to speak. Does anyone?

My name is Julie Bernstein Engelmann, and yes, I understand! I help creative souls like you to gain confidence, competence, freedom and fulfillment in abstract painting.

As an artist with many years of education, exhibitions, gallery experience, awards, teaching and mentoring, my mission is to raise the bar on joy, understanding, and meaning in abstract painting for creative souls.

I invite you to work with me through Workshops and Classes or Artist Mentoring.

Workshops and Classes

My workshops and classes give you the hands-on experience of creating an intriguing and successful abstract painting: one with meaning, integrity, spatial depth, and flow.
  • First, you become comfortable with the materials of painting. This is a huge step in the making of any painting, but particularly an abstract one, because you can't lean on imagery. Paint is all you have, so it must be wonderful! How do you make it wonderful? By feeling wonderfully at home with your materials.

  • You learn to allow the paint to do much of the work for you. You create the painting organically so that it works as a whole. This is an important difference between a bad painting and a good one.

  • Using your own natural touch, your mark-making becomes personally meaningful and powerful.

  • After this luscious start, I help you see the magic that is already present in your painting. You'll bring it out by making surprisingly small adjustments to your painting's spatial depth and flow!

  • Meanwhile, you gain a better understanding of color, composition, and what makes a good painting good.
Students come away with an understanding of abstract painting that took me decades to attain.

"Julie is fun, sweet, kind, enthusiastic, and a great teacher! She has the ability to help us see our artwork with fresh eyes looking for the good instead of focussing on the bad. It was a wonderful experience and I will take another class with her one of these days!"

"Very encouraging style; even her critiques were uplifting rather than downcasting."

"Julie is an excellent instructor. Her feedback was honest and sought after by everyone in the class. Her style of teaching resonated with me and I was able to walk out of the class with all of my goals met. Her passion for what she is doing is absolutely inspirational!"

Fall 2016 Classes and Workshops at the Sedona Arts Center

Luscious Abstractions!

Instructor: Julie Bernstein Engelmann
Location: Sedona Arts Center, 15 Art Barn Road, Sedona, Arizona 86336
Dates: Tue-Wed, August 16-17; or Sat-Sun, September 24-25; or Mon-Tue, November 14-15, 2016
Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm each day with an hour for lunch

Abstraction can be rich with depth, drama, and discovery! Julie's layering technique gives you a powerful foundation for abstract painting and helps you develop ease and freedom with paint. Through intuitive mark-making, luscious "happy accident," and strong composition you will create exciting paintings that surprise and engage you. Meanwhile, you will learn important design and color skills.

Through group discussion, participants will see each painting more deeply and understand how to enhance its impact. You'll take home two acrylic paintings - a paper collage and an 18x24” canvas panel - that speak to the mystery!

All experience levels welcome.

Tuition: Member: $118.00 / Non-member: $130 | All materials included

Information & Register

About Julie: Artist Julie Bernstein Engelmann creates abstract art that speaks to the heart and spirit. Her luscious paintings in acrylic and poured latex paint have won many awards and were featured in a retrospective solo exhibition at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in Pennsylvania. Julie holds an MFA from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a BA from Barnard College in New York City, where she studied with Milton Resnick, first-generation Abstract Expressionist. Work as a textile colorist gave Julie valuable expertise in color harmony and color mixing that she shares in her classes and workshops. Julie teaches Luscious Abstractions on the faculty of the Sedona Arts Center School of the Arts. She currently shows at Gallery 527 in Jerome and the Sedona Arts Center Fine Art Gallery. Author of an eye-opening ebook for artists, How to Bring Your Abstract Art to Life, Julie is an inspiring and supportive mentor to artists. See Julie's art at

Meaningful Abstracts
3-day Workshop with Julie Bernstein Engelmann

Location: Sedona Arts Center, 15 Art Barn Road, Sedona, Arizona 86336
Dates: Wednesday-Friday, November 30-December 2, 2016
Time: Class will meet 10am–5pm on the first day and 9am–4pm on subsequent days, with an hour for lunch

In abstract painting, meaning is embodied in the way the paint is used. A powerful abstract speaks through: personal mark-making, luscious paint, visual depth, and compositional flow. Julie, an award-winning abstract artist, will help you understand the language of paint to create meaningful, powerful abstracts.

Using acrylic on unstretched canvas, first you will build your painting in layers of delicious color and intuitive form. Then you'll find the special gift, the story in your painting. Finally, you will learn to “see” the painting space and gently shape it -- into an inspired abstraction that is meaningful to you and powerful to others.

All materials are included to make it easy for you. Paintings roll up 26” wide to transport home. We'll use Liquitex Basics acrylics; bring your own favorite brushes or acrylics if you wish. You may bring photos of previous artwork.


Earlybird: Register by November 5 and pay only $360.
Regular: Between November 6-20, pay $410. Registration closes Nov. 20.

Meaningful Abstracts Workshop

If you prefer, mail a check payable to: Julie Bernstein Engelmann, 3970 E Montezuma Avenue, Rimrock, AZ 86335. Then, Email Julie to tell her it is coming.

Questions? Email Julie.

P.S. from Julie: While in Sedona, there's lots of art to enjoy. Stay for First Friday Artwalk, Dec. 2, 5:00-8:00 pm. I'll have a piece in the Sedona Arts Center Holiday Show, and all the galleries will have treats and wine.

Stay another day and come to the opening of my new show, "Gifts of Soul" on Saturday, Dec. 3 at Gallery 527 in Jerome. Jerome is a quaint, fun-to-visit artist colony near Sedona, and all the galleries will be open for First Saturday Artwalk that evening, 5:00-8:00 pm.

Truth be told though, you can see my art during the workshop. One lunch break we'll take a field trip upstairs to see my paintings in the Sedona Arts Center gallery; and if interested, one evening I can take you to Gallery 527 in Jerome to preview my new show.

"Julie Engelmann is an excellent instructor - she's knowledgeable, fun and helpful!"

"Julie is very kind and relaxed. She shared several techniques that would serve as motivation to making a truly unique painting. Her use of colors is wonderful."

Want abstraction for your art group?

I help art groups who want a better grounding in abstract painting through workshops, demos, critiques, residencies, judging and jurying. Email me your interest.

Julie - what can I say! you were great! you did everything one could expect from a work shop: good demo showing your step by step technique, wonderful personal contact & critiques, sharing completed works & the feelings one can get from the paint colors & shapes - AND THE WONDERFUL HANDOUT - I enjoyed it immensely as I am sure everyone did - Thank you so much - sincerely,

- Patti Giordano, artist and Programs & Classes Coordinator, East Suburban Artists League, Murrysville, PA

Thank you for such a fun workshop! As you already know, I really enjoyed myself. Your ability in critiquing is outstanding. You are gifted in tuning into the artist and the painting. It is very impressive."

- Marva Harvey, artist and Program Coordinator, Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Heart Artist Mentoring

Dear friend,

This message is for artists who resonate with my work in a special way that feels like possibilities are opening up. Might you want one-on-one mentoring with me? We can do this by phone and web.

Mentorship with me offers natural accountability - plus the treasure of claiming your creative self: the chance to freely discuss your art, have it seen in thoughtful detail with understanding, gain insights, bring up questions, and receive true support as an artist.

Over time, rhythm and momentum build unprecedented productivity, transforming you as an artist.

In your first mentoring session, we go over your personal art history as well as your current artwork, inspiration, and goals. I call this an Art to Heart Session.

Art to Heart Session

An hour plus, one-on-one with Julie focused on your art

  • We delve into your art history, inspirations, explorations, and goals,
  • highlight your unique strengths,
  • uncover the visual factors affecting the impact of each piece,
  • and address any concerns and practical questions to help you move forward.
  • The session is recorded so you can listen again.
You come away clearer about what you are doing and where you want to go, feeling better about how to get there, supported, and excited to move forward.  

$120 $75

After payment, wait to be redirected to a Thank You page.
You will receive a link to "Here's How It Works," which gives important information.

Then schedule your session!

Thank you!

Want to chat first? Email me.

Not sure?
 You may be asking one of the following questions:
  • Am I too inexperienced for this kind of feedback?  If you are a creative soul wanting to take your art seriously and become an artist, you will gain real benefit from artist mentoring. If you are trying different techniques for personal enjoyment, you might prefer taking art classes.

  • Am I too far along in my art career for this kind of feedback?  If you are confident in the direction of your artwork, on a roll in the studio, and have show opportunities lined up, this is not the time for you to receive feedback. However, productive artists often take a breath before moving on, such as after a solo show or when trying something new. At points like this, or when success evades you, you will gain valuable clarity and insight from a mentoring session.

  • Will Julie understand my art and really be able to help me?  I specialize in helping artists who explore color, texture, depth, drama, expression, spontaneity, complexity, and cohesiveness in their paintings. Most are abstract painters, but a number of my clients work with imagery. If you prefer flat or minimalist art, I have less to offer you.
Still not sure?  Relax with my full refund policy: If, after your session, you feel that you did not receive great value, let me know and I will refund your payment!

Other Questions?   Email me. If you want to discuss whether mentoring is right for you, please, just set up a free chat!

Thank you for listening with your Heart!

Yours in the love of your beautiful and unique expression,


Julie Bernstein Engelmann

Julie, I am amazed by how much I learn in each of our sessions!!! I love our telephone sessions and how you are able to teach me and guide my painting, despite the fact that you are across the country. The recordings are so helpful and I refer back to them frequently. My time in the studio is so much more fun because I have new direction and I am not just guessing at what to paint. I have gone from not painting at all, to spending several hours a day painting and loving it!

I can't thank you enough for helping me submit and be accepted to my first juried art show!! I look forward to our continued sessions and hope I will get the opportunity to attend more of your workshops.

I love your painting and the title 'Is it Really Okay to Feel this Good?' and I ask myself that often when I am painting!

- Sandy Duckett, Phoenix, Arizona

Julie, you are such a powerful presence in my life. As a painter, I have such a strong desire to express myself. I love to revel in the freedom of making marks with paint and ink that I am deeply drawn to make, and to powerfully feel the mystery and energy of my Being made manifest. As my mentor, I feel like you have literally helped me look, and as a result, see what I am doing from a visual perspective. What a gift! Something that is so personal is something that I can more easily share now.

Having a consistent connection with you over time has allowed me to mark the evolution of my enjoyment and awareness as a painter and art creator. Your specific awareness of abstract art is helpful and grounding. With you at my side I feel like I have the support to go as far and as deep as I want to with my art. Thank you.

- Katie Harrington, Burlington, Vermont

Before I met Julie Engelmann my art work consisted of sporadic, realistic watercolours. Julie’s classes and mentoring opened up a whole new avenue for me; I had not previously been exposed to abstract/expressionist painting. I love the freedom, creativity and new color sense that I feel when I paint in this “new” style.

I have continued along this new path, incorporating abstract expressionism with my realistic tendencies. Julie’s mentoring has motivated me to produce more paintings than I ever thought I would do on my own.

Even though her own style is very abstract, Julie has a broad background of art knowledge and experience to bring to any style of painting. Her critiques are always honest, insightful and positive which makes them all the more helpful. I believe she has enabled me to take really big stride in my growth as an artist.

As a result of Julie’s mentoring, I have won several awards in local art shows. My latest was a first place in the non-professional category. I have sold several paintings through our local art gallery.

- Julie Knox, Indiana, Pennsylvania

In her critiques, Julie has a gift for getting to the heart of the matter. She sees at once where positive changes can be introduced and how any composition can be made stronger. She pulls no punches, but even the faintest of hearts will feel well-supported, as she conveys a genuine sense of believing in the artist and his or her potential.

As an "artist's artist," Julie knows how to develop that potential and how to help anyone chart a believable course toward artistic fulfillment. I see not only rapid improvement in my work, but new possibilities for showing and marketing it. Thanks to Julie's remarkable encouragement and mentorship, I'm well on my way, and I give her my highest recommendation as I go!
- Scott Dimond, Topsham, Maine

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© 2016 Julie Bernstein Engelmann
Photo of Julie's East Suburban Artists League workshop, Murrysville, PA, by Minda Bernstein © 2013
Video still of Julie's Indiana Art Association workshop, Indiana, PA, by Scott Dimond © 2013
Video still of Julie's Indiana Art Association workshop, Indiana, PA, by Chip Engelmann © 2013
Photo of Julie's demo at El Valle Artists Association, Cottonwood, AZ, by Elaine Bomkamp © 2015
Video still of Julie painting at Indiana Art Association workshop, Indiana, PA, by Julie Bernstein Engelmann © 2014
Photo of lone painter, Community Arts Center of Cambria County, Johnstown, PA, by Julie Bernstein Engelmann © 2014
Portrait of Julie in grass by Minda Bernstein © 2013
Photos of mentoring clients submitted by each respectively, except Scott Dimond, by Chip Engelmann © 2013
All paintings are © by Julie Bernstein Engelmann: From Beautiful Mess to Strong Composition painting is "Freedom From Wondering If I Did Something Wrong," acrylic and latex on partially primed canvas, 30"Hx34"W, 2013. Luscious Abstractions painting is "Dream Ship," acrylic on paper, 18"Hx24"W, 2011. Art to Heart Session painting is "Heart," oil on canvas panel, 12”Hx9”W, 1996.