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Julie Bernstein Engelmann: Being Spirit
Being Spirit was featured at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art
Altoona, Pennsylvania, January 18-April 20, 2013

Here is a virtual tour:

Street view of the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Altoona, PA

Entering the museum

Entering the show. Nice lettering on the window at left.

These are the first artworks we see.
The large, red painting in the middle is now in the
collection of the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art.

View from the left. Then we turn and take a few steps down to the main exhibit.

Heading down a few steps to the main exhibit

To the right of the stairs. These collectors purchased the
painting next to them, "I See You Having What you Want."

These dancers performed at the closing reception.
See a video of their beautiful dance at the bottom of this page!

Turning toward the left, we are now in the front of the main gallery.

We have walked forward a few feet and turned right,
looking down the righthand wall of the long exhibit room.

Further along the righthand wall. Pictured is
Barbara Jo Hollander, site coordinator for the museum.

We are approaching the back wall of the exhibit.

Along the back wall are some of the earliest paintings in the show, from 2006-2007.

Turning toward the lefthand wall, both of the paintings on the right
sold during the show.

Moving further along the lefthand wall. The yellow painting,
"No One Else Knows Better," was the newest one in the show.
The painting on the upper right sold during the show.


View toward the front of the gallery

View toward the back of the gallery

We are facing the front wall again (and artist Steve Gilbert)
before heading back up the stairs to the left.

Gathering of friends at the closing reception

From the exhibit events:

See Blue Monday (Feb. 11, 2013) photos on my blog.

See Lunch a l'Art (March 13, 2013) photos and snippets on my blog.

See Artist's Closing Reception (April 13, 2013) photos on my blog.

Finally, here is a Video of Finding My Voice: A Dance to Art,
performed at the closing reception. The last five minutes show the audience
joining in the dance in a very etherial and joyous time. (13.5 minutes)

"Finding My Voice" is a modern dance choreographed by Jennifer Park, based on an exploration of Julie Bernstein Engelmann's creative life as it transfers from canvas to dancers. Inspired by many of the stories behind Julie's abstract paintings, the dancers frame the works through movement, stillness, voice, reflection, and energy. Witness as the dancers communicate from painting to body back to painting... and eventually to audience!

Stunning cover photo by Heather Stone Russell of Russell Art & Imagery.

Press Release excerpts


Altoona - The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Altoona is pleased to announce the opening of its latest exhibition, Julie Bernstein Engelmann: Being Spirit. The exhibition, which features thirty-nine works by the regional artist, opens January 18 and will remain on view through April 20.

Being Spirit is a retrospective that highlights Engelmann's brilliantly colored abstract canvases. The artist's dramatic paintings are renowned for their lush color and texture and have won many Best of Show awards throughout western Pennsylvania....

"Julie Bernstein Engelmann combines passages of poured and brushed paint that remind one of stained glass creations," said SAMA-Altoona Coordinator Barbara Hollander. "Her technique relies partly on many years of study and partly on an intuitive, creative interaction with what she refers to as 'the painting spirit.' The resulting works are spiritually resonant and ineffably uplifting."

Click to About Julie for Bio, Artist Statement, and CV.

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