Beauty & Spirit Abstract Artist Circle

Small-group monthly workshops and sharing

The Beauty & Spirit Abstract Artist Circle is a circle of learning and joyful support for your abstract painting practice.
  • Abstract-lovers new to Julie's workshops will be guided through a journey of discovery that empowers your abstract painting process.
  • Artists who have attended The Inspired Abstract workshop will build on that foundation, exploring new techniques and sequences to broaden skills, deepen understanding, and share with each other.

For five months, we meet on Zoom twice a month.
  • The first meeting each month is a workshop (4 hours) specially designed to enliven the inner abstract artist and build confidence in the outer abstract artist.
  • The second meeting offers followup feedback and sharing (2 hours or so).

Guests may register for any of the first three workshops without joining the Circle. Registration includes both the workshop and the followup feedback session.

Each workshop is unique. You'll be guided step-by-step through a fresh layering process to:
  • Come away with a rich, meaningful painting to inspire many more
  • Better understand your abstract paintings
  • Gain freedom, flexibility, and most importantly increased mastery.
  • In addition, watch uplifting changes unfold in your life!

Four monthly workshops are sequenced in an unfolding arc:

Workshop 1 - Embody Your Word-Intention - May 14, 29
Prepare the way for your next step as an artist. You'll embody your word (promise or intention) in a painting that adjusts your frequency to a new vision.

Workshop 2 - Healing-Transmuting - June 22, 26
In this healing painting, whatever is holding you back will get expressed, appreciated, and replaced with a guardian imprint of wellness.

Workshop 3 - Delving the Depths - July 16, 31
Delve deep to bring to light what you dearly wish to give to life, and nourish it through the surprises of this painting.

Workshop 4 - Reaching to a Dream I - August 14, 28 and
Month 5 - Reaching to a Dream II - September 11, 25
You’ve prepared the way to meet a new you. This final, larger painting builds upon all you have brought to bear to come to this point.

In each workshop, creative visualization meets beautiful layering techniques in hands-on practice - with sharing!

Beauty & Spirit Abstract Artist Circle
for the May-September 2022 Circle
- options:
  • Pay in full $599
  • Pay in five monthly installments @ $125
  • Non-member registration for Workshops 1, 2, or 3 @ $140 each (can transition to monthly)

  • Registration

    Schedule for the May-September 2022 Circle:
    Subject to change - we aim to accommodate everyone's needs!
    *Includes a half-hour lunch break
    • Workshop 1:
      - Sat May 14 (11am-3pm* AZ/PDT) Workshop
      - Sun May 29 (11am-1pm AZ/PDT) Feedback & sharing

    • Workshop 2:
      - Wed Jun 22 (11am-3pm* AZ/PDT) Workshop
      - Sun Jun 26 (11am-1pm AZ/PDT) Feedback & sharing

    • Workshop 3:
      - Sat Jul 16 (1-5pm AZ/PDT) Workshop
      - Sun Jul 31 (11am-1pm AZ/PDT) Feedback & sharing

    • Workshop 4:
      - Sun Aug 14 (11am-3pm* AZ/PDT) Workshop
      - Sun Aug 28 (11am-3pm* AZ/PDT) Workshop
      - Sun Sep 11 (11am-3pm* AZ/PDT) Workshop, feedback & sharing
      - Sun Sep 25 (11am-1pm AZ/PDT) if needed

    • What supplies do I need? Please click to Supplies.

    • How much time do I need to devote to painting? The workshops can be accomplished without much outside time if painting size is limited to 12x16". Larger-size canvases will require more time, e.g. 2-4 more hours for 18x24", depending on kismet.

    • How much individual attention will I get? Attendance is limited to 5-10 per circle, so you'll get plenty of attention from Julie, plus lots of support from peers.

    • What if I miss a session? Key workshop content is recorded for access or download during the month. A step-by-step PDF handout is provided. Each workshop can be done independently or skipped without affecting the others.

    • What support is available between sessions? A private online forum provides resources and a place for Circle members to post paintings-in-progress for interim feedback.

    • Can I join late? Sure, if there's room! You'll pay the monthly-payment rate for the remaining months of the Circle.

    • Will this be offered again? Not exactly. The content and format will change, yet the exploration will continue for artists who want to go on to the next Beauty & Spirit Abstract Artist Circle.

    • What if I need to drop out? No-worry guarantee: You’ll be refunded for the remaining sessions.

    • What if I am unhappy? If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. Tell me the problem and you’ll be refunded for the unhappy session in addition to the above.

    I asked Circle members what they wanted you to know:

    "It is just truly valuable to have these different lessons each time. They really get to the heart of the matter. I mean, they’re so thoughtfully designed by you, Julie. And I think the paintings that come out of it from all of us are really excellent. They’re fun to create, as well. And then of course the feedback and seeing what everyone else is doing, that’s so valuable too." - Michelle

    "Yes, the feedback and techniques. And the ability to be in a group of abstract artists, you know. It’s so amazing to see everybody’s different type of work and how we all grow." - Maryellen

    Top row: Beth Bernstein, Workshop 1, Choosing Freedom (and Love) 16x20. Beth Bernstein, Workshop 2, Free to Shine 16x20. Beth Bernstein, Workshop 4, Now Is My Time! (Freedom and Love) 22x28. Julie Bernstein Engelmann, Workshop 3, Harmonics 11x14.
    Middle row: Maryellen Pugh, Workshop 2, Love Yourself, 16x12. Maryellen Pugh, Workshop 4, My Love is Alive, 36x24. Michelle Hurteau, Workshop 1, Rebirth 1, 16x12. Michelle Hurteau, Workshop 2, The Gift, 16x12. Michelle Hurteau, Workshop 4, Stepping Into Joy, 24x20.
    Bottom row: Julie Bernstein Engelmann, Workshop 1, Fulfillment I 11x14. Julie Bernstein Engelmann, Workshop 2, Open to Risk 12x15. Julie Bernstein Engelmann, Workshop 2, Pursuing Galleries Adventurously 11x14. Julie Bernstein Engelmann, Workshop 4, Open to Angels 24x30.

    Beauty & Spirit Abstract Artist Circle
    for the April-August 2022 Circle
    - options:
  • Pay in full $599
  • Pay in five monthly installments @ $125
  • Non-member registration for Workshops 1, 2, or 3 @ $140 each (can transition to monthly)

  • Registration

    Questions? Email me. Thank you!

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