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Create a Dream Spirit Painting
3-hour In-Person Painting Experience in Sedona or Rimrock, Arizona

Whether you’re a longtime artist or never painted before, you’ll create a beautiful abstract artwork that resonates with a dream held in your heart.

We’ll begin by focusing on a dream you want to embrace. Then, step by step I’ll guide you through a resistance-free cascade of five intuitive painting layers.

Each step gives you a different way to connect with your natural creative self. Each layer builds on the others to create a rich abstract dream painting that speaks especially to you.

Your finished artwork will surprise and inspire you! In this friendly way, you’ll learn creative secrets that you can use again and again for spiritual discovery.

All supplies are provided – no need to bring anything.

Book this Experience
For 2-5 people

1) Email me your preferred options on date/time and location, and I'll happily try to accommodate. Monday 11 am-2 pm is usually available in Rimrock; evening 5-8 pm is usually available in Sedona. Other times are entirely possible.

2) Pay using the Paypal button below.

Number attending

Supplies I provide
I'll bring all painting supplies: Acrylic paint, brushes, palettes; plus I provide a good quality canvas, double-gessoed by me so you have an excellent surface to paint on, either 11x14” or 12x16”.

Where we'll be - Rimrock or Sedona, depending on availability
Rimrock, Arizona
Situated between the red rocks of Sedona to the north and the white cliffs of Camp Verde to the south, Rimrock, Arizona is a semi-arid desert land richly steeped in Native American history. Our painting location is a mile off the freeway; on site is an authentic medicine wheel! Two miles further brings you to Montezuma Well National Monument, a free gem. I can share with you how to use your visit there to recognize Sinaguan pueblo ruins on local hilltops.

Sedona, Arizona
Surrounded by the red rocks of Sedona and the charming shops and restaurants of uptown, the Sedona Arts Center has a beautiful gallery, patios, views, and a studio classroom where we'll paint.

Meet your host, Julie
I am an award-winning artist who has been exhibiting and teaching abstract painting since 2003. My method empowers students of all levels to paint naturally, enjoyably, and successfully in a way that is meaningful to them.

A resident of Rimrock, I have been teaching on the faculty of the Sedona Arts Center since 2015. I love hiking in Sedona and am happy to share where and how to feel the vortexes most strongly.

I have a Master of Fine Arts from UCLA, a BA from Barnard College, and many years of spiritual training through Eckankar. Dreams and spiritual experiences provide the inspiration that brings richness to my art, and perhaps to yours. I love nothing better than to open the door to your fulfilling exploration of abstract painting.


I liked the small class size that allowed Julie to work with each of us closely to help bring out our inner artistry. This class is different than art classes I have attended before because the painting is done in acrylic ABSTRACT style. We painted from within our own self, choosing the colors we wanted, learning to blend the colors or perhaps softening a too bold of a color. The class starts by Julie having all of us sit away from the art table and share a short bio of ourselves and Julie also shares a short bio of herself. I felt this started a good comfortable connection with each other. A brief meditatation is led by Julie then we are led to the tables to paint. We all sit at a table with our canvas. Julie also paints along with us at the table and leads with a peaceful soft voice to help us visualize the colors we wish to use and how we use them. At the end of the class we analyze our paintings and no negativity. We all feel like we have that "inner artistry" we might not have recognized. Good class.
- Eilene

The class was a very interesting experience and not at all what we expected but in a good way. The name lead us to believe that we would be finger painting some sort of southwestern landscape but turned out to be about listening to your inner voice speak out to you.
- Genelle

Why did I love this experience ? It awakened my inner artist, which I didn't know was there. My belief that I had no talent was dissolved in a heartbeat. Now I can't wait to continue painting, back at home. Julie's gentle teaching style inspires confidence, and the creative process flows ever so smoothly. My inner 7 year old had a ball, and she also merged with that inner artist.... SO much FUN !! And.... you walk away with your own original work of art ! My friend Tim, who attended with me, summed it up best when he said: "This was truly a Blessing !" Yes, it was ! "Painting from the soul." Would I do it again ? You bet ! Dont miss out on this transformative experience ! Thank you so much Julie !
- Chantal

To be honest, I had to be talked into going. I'm not an artist and I have never done abstract painting before. I found myself totally immersed in the workshop. One technique Julie used that I was impressed with is that when I became stuck with what I was doing, she placed a piece of glass in front of my painting and painted on the glass. She showed me how she would solve my problem and I was able to adapt her explanation into my work. I came away with a painting I was truly proud of.
- Chip

I absolutely loved this art class! Julie is a master of her craft, breaking down how to create a dimensional abstract painting from scratch into simple steps that a child could follow. There were times where I even decided to paint with my eyes closed, and rather than hindering the process I found that the result was always more lovely than I could have come up with had I planned it. It became a trust exercise between me and the painting, and my favorite parts of the painting always came from where I gave up control and let myself be moved by the spirit of the painting like Julie walks us through. She has everyone come up with an intention for their painting before starting, which also functions as the title, and sets a specific vibration for the painting to reach. Without fail the paintings everyone produced lived up to the titles that we picked at the beginning of the class. It was amazing to compare the final paintings with the conversations we’d had earlier. We could all find symbolism from each other’s paintings that the artists themselves hadn’t seen until it was pointed out, and we all grew from not only the process, but the discussion that followed. I’d absolutely take this class again. It was the perfect way to forget the stress of everyday life, while also creating something beautiful and tangible.
- Amber

Questions? Email me. Thank you!

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